In a move that has caught

In a move that has caught the attention of K-pop fans worldwide, BBGIRLS, formerly known as Brave Girls, and their label Warner Music Korea have officially ended their exclusive contract

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The announcement came directly from Warner Music Korea on April 22, marking the end of a partnership that redefined the group’s identity and sound.

Warner Music Korea expressed their decision through a heartfelt statement, revealing that after extensive discussions regarding the group’s future endeavors, both parties agreed to part ways as the contract expired on April 22. “We sincerely support BBGIRLS in their future activities and would like to extend our deepest gratitude to BBee (the fandom name) and all the fans who have shown unwavering support,” the statement concluded.

BBGIRLS, who initially debuted under the name Brave Girls, signed with Warner Music Korea in 2023. They quickly rose to fame as the ‘Queens of Summer’ with refreshing and exhilarating hits like “Rollin'” and “We Ride”. Their rebranding to BBGIRLS following the contract with Warner Music Korea signified a new chapter with an upgraded identity and sound that captivated fans old and new. In August, they made a re-debut with the double single “ONE MORE TIME”, showcasing their evolved charm and musical prowess. The members have since been actively engaging with fans through various entertainment programs and their YouTube channel.

As BBGIRLS embark on a new journey post their contract with Warner Music Korea, the industry and fans alike are eager to see what the future holds for them. Their departure from the label closes one chapter of their career but opens another, filled with opportunities and potential for growth. Fans, or BBee, as they are fondly called, await with bated breath for the next phase of BBGIRLS’ musical journey, hopeful for more refreshing tunes and captivating performances from the group.


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