In a heartfelt episode broadcasted on

In a heartfelt episode broadcasted on the evening of April 15, 2024, KBS Joy’s ‘Ask Us Anything Fortune Teller’ provided a much-needed resolution for a couple facing the brink of divorce

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The segment, intriguingly titled ‘Anonymity Guaranteed Problem Solver! Mini Fortune Teller’, shared the dilemma of a wife torn over forgiving her husband for his overly attentive care towards a female colleague. The distressed wife expressed her anguish, “My husband insists there’s no misunderstanding with his female colleague, claiming it was merely work assigned by their boss. Yet, the more I think about the messages exchanged between them, the more my heart breaks.” Despite her resentment, she admitted, “I’m furious with my husband, but I don’t consider divorce an option.”

Responding to her concerns, Seo Jang-hoon empathized, noting the depth of her love for her husband. “It’s evident how much you adore him. I can sense a strong desire to trust him,” he advised. He further encouraged, “It seems like you still have a lot of love for your husband. Trust is the only way forward.” Lee Soo-geun also weighed in, emphasizing the need for trust, yet he didn’t shy away from advising the husband, “It would be best if you refrain from actions that could arouse suspicion.”

This episode not only highlighted the complexities of marital relationships but also showcased the unique ability of ‘Ask Us Anything Fortune Teller’ to navigate through the emotional intricacies with empathy and wisdom. As viewers, we’re left pondering the delicate balance of trust and communication in relationships, eagerly anticipating more insightful resolutions in future episodes.


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