ILLIT’s Fandom Name Receives Massive Backlash

ILLIT’s Fandom Name Receives Massive Backlash From Netizens

They felt the company was out of touch in their decision.

ILLIT, the newest girl group under HYBE, has just announced their fandom name. But netizens are not pleased with the choice.

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ILLIT | @illit_official/Instagram

On April 21, KST, the group hosted a live broadcast on Weverse to announce the news. Dressed in cute overalls, the five members revealed the fandom name letter by letter to spell out “LILLY.” The double L’s are supposed to reflect the spelling of the group’s name.

While most fandoms look forward to this occasion of name reveal, ILLIT’s announcement has sparked a huge controversy online. Korean netizens are furious that HYBE named the fandom the same as an active idol, NMIXX’s Lily.

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NMIXX’s Lily | @nmixx_official/Instagram
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| theqoo
  • “Is this a part of their marketing? I only hear about them when there’s buzz like this.”
  • “No, but they should have some decency.”
  • “Whoa.”
  • “They don’t give AF at all, huh.”
  • “HYBE is just in their own world.”
  • “Would it be okay to name another idol’s fandom as ‘ILLIT’?”
  • “Have they gone insane? They crossed a line.”

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