ILLIT Gains Praise For Humble Attitude

ILLIT Gains Praise For Humble Attitude After Showing Improvement Post-Live Singing Criticism

They turned the tables.

Girl group ILLIT was once criticized for their bad live singing skills during an encore performance.

They faced harsh criticism over their two first encore lives.

Netizens React To ILLIT’s First Encore Live Singing

Despite the backlash, the rookie group did not give up. They took the criticism into consideration, and worked harder than ever. During their most recent encore live on April 13, 2024, the girls showed a vast improvement.

They sang with more confidence than ever, belting out the notes confidently. This has led to many netizens praising the girls for their willingness to take criticism, and for working hard to improve.

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  • Wow, but it’s so impressive how you can really see that they’re improving.
  • This is really a 360 from when everyone apart from Minju couldn’t sing and had trembling voices. Hope they work harder in the future, fighting.
  • Minju never disappoints. Everyone has improved so much.
  • People can watch this and be like, “oh okay, they really were nervous in the first week,” understanding and forgiving them. Whatever it is, it’s because the members are showing improvement slowly and working hard instead of just being dejected.
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  • They really are fast on the feedback. You can definitely see that the three who had their skills doubted are singing with confidence now.
  • What the… You can see that Iroha really improved. Seems like everyone took into mind the response from their live singing. It’s so great to see how they’re improving with each encore stage. It’s the best case if they can debut with good skills, but I hope that they can slowly grow since they’ve already debuted. Love to see everyone improving.
  • Wonhee improved so much. She’s much more stable than the past two encores.

Through sheer willpower and humbleness, the girls managed to turn public opinion around and truly prove haters wrong.


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