ICHILLIN’s Chowon To Temporarily Halt Activities

ICHILLIN’s Chowon To Temporarily Halt Activities After Being Hit By Foul Ball At Baseball Game

ICHIILIN’s Chowon will be taking a temporary hiatus due to a recent injury.

On April 17, ICHIILIN’s agency KM Entertainment released an official statement announcing that Chowon will be temporarily halting activities due to the recent injury at a baseball game.

Hello, this is KM Entertainment.

We would like to inform you about the current health status and future activities of ICHILLIN’s Chowon.

On April 16, Chowon was watching a professional baseball game ahead of performing at the halftime show when a foul ball hit the back of her head. She was immediately moved to the baseball team’s medical office and was later transferred to a nearby hospital for further examination.

Initially, she expressed pain when she was moved to the medical office presumably due to the relief of tension. However, she is currently resting without any particular symptoms thanks to the treatment and examination by medical professionals.

Nevertheless, we decided that she needs to focus fully on rest and treatment based on the opinion of medical experts, and after careful discussion with Chowon, we decided that she will take a break from her scheduled activities for the time being.

ICHIILIN’ will attend today’s (April 17) scheduled activity with only six members excluding Chowon. We ask for your kind understanding regarding this decision to prioritizes the health of our artist.

We apologize to fans who always love and cherish ICHILLIN’ as well as to the many baseball fans for causing concern with this sudden news. We also express our apologies and gratitude to the Kiwoom Heroes’ staff who have been working hard from the initial situation. We will do our best for the recovery of Chowon’s health.

Thank you.

Source: https://www.soompi.com/article/1655388wpp/ichillins-chowon-to-temporarily-halt-activities-after-being-hit-by-foul-ball-at-baseball-game

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