ICHILLIN’ Maknae Chowon Knocked Unconscious By

ICHILLIN’ Maknae Chowon Knocked Unconscious By Foul Ball At Baseball Game

We wish her a full recovery.

According to SPOTV News on April 16, ICHILLIN’ member Chowon was briefly rendered unconscious by a foul ball at a baseball game that the K-Pop group was participating in.


The game, which was a match between the Kiwoom Heroes and the KT Wiz, was held at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul. ICHILLIN’s Yeju threw the first pitch while E.Ji took the ceremonial first bat, and the whole group was set to perform during the cleaning time later on the first base cheer stage.

However, during the game while the group was observing the match and waiting to perform, Chowon was struck by a foul ball during the third inning.

The impact knocked the ICHILLIN’ maknae unconscious, and she was immediately taken to the medical room where she thankfully regained consciousness under the care of their physicians and team officials.

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She was later transported to the nearby Korea University Guro Hospital for a full diagnosis, and ICHILLIN’s performance at the game was cancelled due to the incident.

We wish Chowon a full and quick recovery from her injury!

Source: https://www.koreaboo.com/news/ichillin-chowon-knocked-unconscious-foul-ball-baseball-game/

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