Hyeri Shows Off The Results Of

Hyeri Shows Off The Results Of Her Intense Diet, Confidently Revealing Her True Weight

She worked hard!

Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri is known for her love for food! Even in her latest YouTube show, she went to eat Korean beef omakase on her own as no one was free to join her. As she indulged in delicious slices of hanwoo, she also talked about her diet.

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Hyeri is currently preparing to film her next piece of work. She admitted that she was in the middle of a diet as she needs to slim down for the character.

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She candidly revealed her InBody results to the camera. As of now, she weighs 54.1kg (119.8 lbs). That is a perfectly normal weight for her height of 166cm (5 ‘4).

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The star further revealed that when she was filming for Jisoo’s episode of her interview show, she was 3kg heavier than she is now.

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By the latest episode, she had slimmed down! The difference was a mere two to three months.

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Her successful diet has allowed her to appear slimmer on screen. You can see the difference in her body through these dance challenges.

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Here is her most recent look.

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The difference is the starkest through her jawline.

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She worked hard for it!

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As celebrities have to be in front of the camera at all times, they are forced to diet to look good as part of their job. Hyeri was recently cast in Friendly Competition, about a girl with.a super high IQ. She has to play a high schooler, which probably motivated the diet.

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