HYBE’s Digital Photo Card Exchange Platform

HYBE’s Digital Photo Card Exchange Platform Momentica Apologizes For Using SM RIIZE’s Photos Without Consent

They should have known better.

Amid all the issues HYBE is currently experiencing, they have encountered another problem with their digital photo card exchange platform, Momentica. This platform is a joint venture created by HYBE and Dunamo, and they recently posted an apology for stealing the portrait of another agency’s artists without prior consent.

Hello, this is MOMENTICA. We would like to inform you that the RIIZE photo cards scheduled to open today will no longer be available. SM notified us of using RIIZE’s portraits in a promotional post for MOMENTICA without SM’s prior consent. We apologize to SM and the fans waiting for the service for the lack of sufficient consultation in advance. MOMENTICA will work harder to bring better service. Thank you.

Previously, the platform had provided services for HYBE artists. However, after checking, it was revealed that SM did not discuss any collaboration with Momentica. An entertainment official stated, “With the growing importance of K-Pop in the economy, companies providing services need to pay more attention as they can be legally responsible if they operate without consultation.”

Fans were also in disbelief that a company as big as HYBE would make a mistake like this.

What are you guys even doing…

This is just hilarious. It’s better, actually. Who needs mobile photo cards anyway…

Wait this is crazy…what are they doing by themselves?

The funny part? They’ve been in the business for so long and yet…are you kidding me.

Without prior consent? This isn’t right…

It’s already the end and I haven’t even started it. Wait, actually I didn’t even know what Momentica was…

On the other hand, the purpose of this platform was to digitize photo cards, which they thought were becoming a necessity in K-pop fandoms.

Source: https://www.koreaboo.com/news/hybe-digital-photo-card-exchange-platform-momentica-apologizes-sm-riize-photos-without-consent/

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