How That Couple Ring Shared By

How That Couple Ring Shared By Stray Kids’ Felix And Hyunjin Came To Be

When Stray Kids were interviewed by Billboard magazine, Hyunjin and Felix showed off their matching rings. Since fans were curious about them, they revealed how they got them in an episode of 2 Kids Room.

They provided a closer look at the rings, with Hyunjin having a silver one and Felix changing up his style to wear a gold one. It turned out the two didn’t buy them together.

One day, the two talked about rings because Felix was planning to buy one. So, Hyunjin told Felix, “‘I’ll give you a ring.’

Since Hyunjin was wearing one that caught Felix’s eye, he tried it on to see if it fit.

Because it fit so well and Hyunjin happened to have two sets of rings, he gifted one to Felix.

Even though the ring wasn’t expensive, Felix took good care of it. Impressing Hyunjin, Felix said, “So I’ve never taken it off.

As soon as Hyunjin told fans where to buy the rings, STAYs were quick to place their orders for the colorful rings as well.

Homaika rings. | merrishop/Naver

Watch Hyunjin and Felix talk about how they ended up with matching couple rings here.

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