“Hospital Playlist” Director’s Announcement About The

“Hospital Playlist” Director’s Announcement About The Show Has The Cast Very Excited

Possible news about the well-loved K-Drama series Hospital Playlist has the cast and netizens excited.


Recently, the cast reunited on Na PD‘s YouTube channel, and they were joined by Hospital Playlist director Shin Won Ho.

While chatting, Jung Kyung Ho randomly pointed at Shin Won Ho and said, “Also, he’s preparing another season of [Hospital Playlist].”

While Shin Won Ho didn’t say anything, Kyung Ho wasn’t going to let the subject pass by, and Yoo Yeon Seok even pointed out that there was meant to be a new series.

After Jo Jung Suk had gone to sort the food out, Shin Won Ho shocked the whole cast by revealing, “I’ll work on it someday.” In particular, Jeon Mi Do and Kim Dae Myung had the best reactions.

Jo Jung Suk explained how he always thought how significant another series would be as the cast is all older.

He added that the viewers would love to see how the characters have grown up over the years.

Shin Won Ho explained how grateful he was that the amazing actors and fans wanted a sequel.

He wanted to show how all the characters had grown.

So, Shin Won Ho made a promise that if they wanted to do it, if they found time, it would happen, but they all had to be available, and if even one person couldn’t do it, the third season wouldn’t happen.

As the video drew to a close and they bid farewell, Jung Kyung Ho made sure that Shin Won Ho didn’t forget his promise about a third series.

When the video was shared, it wasn’t surprising that netizens were truly excited. After such a long wait and hints that a third series could happen, this video seemed like confirmation that all that is needed is for all the actors to be free. Although it might be tough, the five seem so excited that they will find a way to make it work.

If that wasn’t enough, even celebrities were excited as SEVENTEEN‘s DK shared his reaction to the possibility of a new series, explaining that everyone did want a sequel.


Hopefully, it won’t be too long until official news is released about the show’s third series.

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