Hannah Bahng Calls Out “Disgusting” Comments

Hannah Bahng Calls Out “Disgusting” Comments Breaching Her Family’s Privacy

“I’m so sorry but shut the f*ck up.”

Hannah Bahng is one of the most-loved people in the K-Pop fandom. While she might be Stray KidsBang Chan‘s little sister, she has cemented her own fandom and legacy with her talent, visuals, and charisma.

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However, while Hannah loves to interact with fans, she was extremely honest during her latest broadcast about the safety of those around her, especially her family. In this case, Hannah was speaking about her younger brother and the inappropriate comments and invasions of his privacy from fans.

During the broadcast, Hannah explained that there was a small percentage of fans who were being very “weird” about her younger brother.

But if I’m to be genuinely serious right now for a second, like, some of you guys, not all of you guys, I know it’s only a very small percentage of you guys are really weird about my little brother.

— Hannah

She then went on to share the things she’d seen about her younger brother, and unsurprisingly, she explained how “disgusting” some of them are.

It’s a little disgusting some of the comments I see about him, and it’s like, I see so many comments that are like, ‘What’s his Instagram?’ and I’ve seen a comment that’s like, ‘I can’t wait until he’s 18.’ I’m so sorry but shut the f*ck up.

— Hannah

Hannah apologized to the majority of fans, but she emphasized that it was a minority of the fans doing it. She then explained that any desire to be curious or search for him shouldn’t happen because, unlike her, he doesn’t want to be in the public eye.

I think you guys should stop trying to even find him, he doesn’t want to be in the public eye like that. He’s a very private person. It’s a very different thing for me because I want to be in the public eye because I want to do music and be an artist, and I want to be a musician. Whereas my little brother does not want to do that.

— Hannah

She finished by explaining that she doesn’t want anyone to search him or make weird comments and if she sees them, she will report them.

Don’t search him up, don’t make weird comments. If I see any more weird comments or any TikToks about him, I will throw up and report you. I’m not going to lie because that’s a breach of privacy, and it’s just kind of gross.

— Hannah

When the video was shared, it gained a lot of praise from netizens and they all applauded Hannah for being so honest with her thoughts and for ensuring the safety and privacy of those around her. Although she and Bang Chan are in the public eye, it doesn’t give everyone free access to the people closest to them without their permission.




While idols are in the public eye and Hannah has chosen a similar path as she wants to be a musician, it doesn’t give a free pass to the rest of the family.

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