Haha and Byul are set to

Haha and Byul are set to host a special broadcast for the Disabled Persons’ Day once again

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In the ‘Miracle of Spring’ special broadcast organized by the Milal Welfare Foundation and MBC, they will serve as MCs for the second consecutive year, delivering warm messages for children with disabilities and rare diseases. The program aims to assist disabled individuals from low-income families in receiving timely medical support and marks its 6th anniversary this year since its first broadcast in 2018.

This year’s broadcast theme, ‘Please Protect Them Before It’s Too Late,’ highlights the stories of children who suffer due to economic hardships despite the urgent need for treatment. In particular, the stories of 10-year-old Eunsoo, who suffers from Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and a brain disease, and 5-year-old Naeun, born with Barth syndrome, will be introduced. They have undergone multiple surgeries due to irregular spines, and their families are facing financial difficulties due to high medical costs.

Through this broadcast, Haha and Byul appealed to the viewers, saying, “Children in pain need your love and attention so they don’t miss the timing for treatment.” A representative from the Milal Welfare Foundation also expressed, “Children suffering from disabilities or rare diseases need a lot of attention and help to receive timely treatment,” hoping for a miraculous change through this broadcast.

This special broadcast is scheduled to meet the audience on April 19th at 6:05 PM through MBC. Along with the sincere message from Haha and Byul, it is hoped that warm attention and love for children with disabilities and rare diseases will gather. This special broadcast aims to touch the hearts of many people and create more miracles.

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