Gwak Seon-young is making headlines among

Gwak Seon-young is making headlines among fans for her first foray into the action genre with the new Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Crash’

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‘Crash’, set to air on ENA, revolves around the story of the Traffic Crime Investigation (TCI) team. In the drama, Gwak Seon-young takes on the role of team leader Min So-hee, earning high expectations from viewers with Min So-hee’s unique, refreshing action and car racing scenes.

Gwak Seon-young expressed her passion for ‘Crash’, saying, “The script was so interesting that I had no choice but to choose it.” She was particularly surprised by the number of actual car-related crime cases, and showed great interest in the drama’s subject matter and message. The process of the TCI team relentlessly pursuing villains on the road was a major attraction for her.

For this role, Gwak Seon-young attended action school to master various techniques needed for action acting. She shared, “It was thrilling and fun,” and revealed that she was able to participate in the shooting without much difficulty with the help of the martial arts director and the team. Gwak Seon-young also expressed anticipation for how techniques like drifting and J-turns in car chasing, and the ‘omoplata’ technique used to subdue criminals, would be portrayed on screen.

Moreover, Gwak Seon-young put a lot of effort into external aspects to realistically portray the character of Min So-hee. She chose outfits that would make it easy to perform action scenes and took care to perm and tie her hair so it wouldn’t fall during the scenes.

In ‘Crash’, Min So-hee, played by Gwak Seon-young, also excellently performs her role as the leader who guides the TCI team members. Gwak Seon-young revealed that her affection for the TCI team deepened as she portrayed Min So-hee, who values justice and teamwork with her colleagues. She enjoyed the process of becoming one with the TCI team members, alongside her fellow actors.

Now, how Gwak Seon-young and the TCI team will solve various traffic crime cases, and her passionate effort in ‘Crash’, are set to premiere on ENA at 10 p.m. on Monday, May 13th, and will also be simultaneously released on Genie TV and Genie TV Mobile. Gwak Seon-young hopes all viewers will feel and enjoy the passion and effort of the TCI team through this drama, and asked for unwavering interest and love until the end.


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