GOP Asian American Outreach Center In

GOP Asian American Outreach Center In Georgia Shuts Down, Replaced With Sex Shop

“Much better use of the space.”

It seems that attempts by the GOP to reach Asian-American communities in the South are waning as outreach centers are abandoned in favor of other businesses.

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One such center was opened in Gwinnett County, Georgia back in 2021, with the mission to engage with minority voters in the region through various community events such as Lunar New Year celebrations and other activities. At the time of its opening, there was a huge crowd of right-leaning local dignitaries and state officials in the center to celebrate, and many news outlets reported on the center in an attempt to “expand the party’s base into new minority populations”.

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But it appears as though this and dozens of other potential outreach centers have been abandoned by the Republican National Committee, with around ten other already-opened centers being closed as well. The location in Georgia, however, has drawn a particular amount of attention due to the fact that it has now reportedly re-opened as “a sex toys and novelties retailer catering to an upscale crowd”.

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There remain a reported seven of these minority outreach centers across the country, but the overall push to try and use “brick and mortar” locations to connect with these communities seems to have been all but given up.

The extreme change in the location’s use has drawn a lot of reactions on social media, with many comments on the humorous or sarcastic side.

It remains to be seen if this attempt for the GOP to reach out to Asian American communities on a local level will be resumed through another method.

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