Global star and former EXO member

Global star and former EXO member LAY ZHANG recently made a comeback on “M Countdown” with the Korean version of his new song “PSYCHIC,” captivating the audience

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On April 18, 2024, LAY appeared on stage in a striking red jacket, quickly taking control of the atmosphere with his overwhelming aura. Despite being alone, he freely used the wide stage, filling it with his presence and showcasing his relaxed stage manner, drawing everyone’s attention.

In this “PSYCHIC” performance, LAY demonstrated both softness and power in his performance, along with stable live singing skills, leaving a strong impression on both the audience and viewers. Additionally, the fantastic group dance created in perfect harmony with the dancers drew admiration from all who watched.

“PSYCHIC” is a song that LAY has prepared for a long time as a solo singer and has been released to fans worldwide. Previously, LAY made history as the first Chinese singer to enter the Billboard 200 chart within the top 25 with his American debut album “NAMANANA,” and he also achieved first place on the World Album Chart for two consecutive weeks, marking a global success.

LAY’s comeback has once again confirmed his musical capabilities and global popularity. There is growing anticipation for how he will communicate with fans around the world through his future activities. LAY’s journey is expected to continue on the global stage, where he will showcase his musical talents and diverse charms.


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