G-Dragon, the master of the music

G-Dragon, the master of the music industry, is finally returning to the stage after a long wait, raising fans’ anticipation

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At the ‘Chanel X Freeze Cocktail Reception’ event held at the Chanel Seoul flagship store in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, G-Dragon captivated everyone with his unique presence and style.

His attendance at the event seems to signal the beginning of his activities, and Galaxy Corporation announced that G-Dragon is targeting a comeback in the second half of this year, although the detailed schedule has not been confirmed yet. However, the news that G-Dragon is having various meetings and planning a tour after his comeback has further heightened fans’ expectations.

This comeback is especially meaningful for G-Dragon as it marks his return after about 7 years since his mini-second album ‘Kwon Ji Yong’ in 2017. Although the planned release of his new song was temporarily delayed due to allegations of drug use, G-Dragon has since cleared all suspicions and is on his way to resuming his activities.

Since his debut, G-Dragon has established himself as an icon of the music industry with numerous hit songs. After ending his exclusive contract with YG Entertainment, he has continued his activities with a new contract with Galaxy Corporation, always seeking newness and change as an artist.

The news of G-Dragon’s comeback holds more than just the significance of a return, considering his influence on the Korean music industry. His music and performances have always created new trends, and his comeback is expected to bring a fresh breeze to the music industry. Many are paying attention to how G-Dragon will present himself this time and the impact his return will have on the music industry once again.

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