Former K-Pop Idol Says Only “Girls

Former K-Pop Idol Says Only “Girls And Gays” Are Nice To Him While On Tour

He spoke about racism he had experienced abroad.

As time has passed, more idols who debuted in K-Pop’s older generations have returned to music in new ways. This includes debuting in new groups, like CLC‘s Yeeun, who re-debuted in the fifth-generation group EL7Z UP or returning to their solo careers, like WOODZ, who released his first mini-album following X1‘s disbandment.

CLC and EL7Z UP’s Yeeun | Mnet
WOODZ | Genie Magazine

Recently, one such former idol caught attention for a statement he made while on tour.

Singer-songwriter from20 originally debuted in the boy group BIGSTAR in 2012 under his real name Raehwan, going by Larry for his solo releases. After the group’s disbandment in 2019, from20 and artist HELLO GLOOM (IMFACT‘s Ungjae) co-established the label now known as WAYBETTER.

from20 while in BIGSTAR. 
| @from2-_official/X
from20 and HELLO GLOOM (right) | WAYBETTER

A few months ago, it was announced that the two artists would embark on their first European tour Fast On The Highway, making concert stops in Warsaw, Cologne, and Paris across April.


Following the tour, a fan shared a clip from the Amsterdam fan event’s Q&A, where from20 was speaking in English about some of their experiences. During the clip, from20 mentions that there were some “bad things,” during their European tour, explaining that he felt racism for the first time there.

Actually, it’s a little bad things, its a little bad things. You know, this isn’t my first time in Europe and like I felt for the first time, like racism like walking [crowd makes sounds] no, no, but it was really little thing.

— from20

He continues, saying that after about two days in Europe he and HELLO GLOOM realized that only “girls and gays” acted kind to them.

But, we, we, maybe in two days in Europe, we realized only girls and gays act kind to us. Only girls and gay people like us and others, a little act rude.

— from20

From20 responded to this video clip with a tweet saying fans’ “love and support healed me all.”

While sad hearing that they were treated badly by others, many found from20’s honesty a bit funny and surreal. They were also glad the two stars could get love from fans while in Europe!

You can check out from20’s latest release below.



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