Filipino Idol From BINI Delivers “First

Filipino Idol From BINI Delivers “First Ever” Kind Of Fanservice

It’s actually a meaningful gift.

BINI is a Filipino girl group who often goes viral on social media. This happened once again after X (Twitter) user @jhotaime_ posted about her interaction with member Maloi Ricalde.


The viral video in question showed a swarm of fans waiting for the BINI members outdoors. While most where hoping for a photo or signature, one woman stood out by carrying two unique items: a pencil and pencil sharpener.

Once Maloi passed by, she noticed the fan right away and knew exactly what she wanted in one glance.

The P-Pop idol did not hesitate to sharpen the pencil with all her might.

It turned out that the pencil belonged to her friend who was preparing for their board exams in July. Though the sharpened led part of the pencil did not last, it was still a one-of-a-kind experience that the fan can treasure forever.

Others definitely agreed. They found the entire interaction hilarious and they loved how random it was. Another viral post about it with over 37 thousand likes said it was “another level of fan service” that would not be found in usual fanmeetings.

They knew that it was just the kind of random thing that Maloi would love to do based on her spontaneous personality.

Though bringing a pencil to someone to be sharpened seems completely out of the blue, there is actually a deeper meaning to it based on Filipino culture. Students who are studying to take board exams in their respective professions tend to ask someone they respect to sharpen the pencils that they will use when taking their tests.

Though most pick a person in their field, this fan decided that Maloi was the person they liked the most!

This is not the first time Maloi went viral. Her reaction to a fan asking her for money while she was on stage was shared hundreds of times online. Read more about it below!

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