Famous Korean Singer Caught Trying To

Famous Korean Singer Caught Trying To Make His Manager The Scapegoat For A DUI

It was previously reported that famous trot singer Kim Ho Joong had been involved in a DUI. The car collided with a taxi driver. His agency had reported that his manager had tried to take the blame for him. As soon as Kim Ho Joong had learned of this, it was said that he turned himself in.

On the evening of the 9th, there was a traffic accident involving Kim Ho Jung and a taxi. Right after the accident, Kim Ho Jung parked his car in an alley and called his manager. In the meantime, the taxi driver reported the accident to the police. The manager, upon learning of the situation, went to the police station and confessed that he was the one driving.

Upon learning this, Kim Ho Joong turned himself in to the police station, where he underwent an investigation and a breathalyzer test, which showed no alcohol in his system. We are now waiting for the results regarding the accident.

— Kim’s agency

Popular Korean Singer Runs Away And Lies To Police After Causing Car Accident

While the previous statement by his agency had painted Kim as the good person, trying to set things straight after his manager had gone in to take the blame, new proof disproves his claim. On May 15, 2024, a Korean media outlet did an investigation and found out that the Korean police had obtained a recording file where Kim had asked his manager to go to the police station on his behalf.

The recording file between Kim and his manager allegedly that Kim had told his manager that he had caused a DUI, and asked the manager to go to the station for him. It was also stated in the report that his agency had intervened in this, manipulating the case so that they could switch out the responsible driver and make the manager a scapegoat.

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Netizens are naturally furious.

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  • He’s the worst.
  • Goodbye, FR.
  • Wow, after all that?
  • Wow… He’s the worst… Will he even have fans left after this?
  • As expected of Galaxy Entertainment LOL I think his manager needs to be protected.
  • This isn’t some type of lowrate K-Drama… I can’t believe such a thing happened.

Kim will duly be charged for the accident by the police.

Source: https://www.koreaboo.com/news/kim-hojoong-caught-trying-make-manager-scapegoat-dui/

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