Enjoying a Delightful Food Journey in

Enjoying a Delightful Food Journey in Taiwan The innovative travel variety show, “Watch and Eat Brothers 2,” filled with the charms of Taiwan, is set to premiere on the 22nd at 8:30 PM

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This season, model Jung Hyuk and Eom Ji Yoon join as new guests, exploring Taiwan’s culinary delights and attractions alongside Kim Jun Hyun and Moon Se Yoon.

Jung Hyuk, in particular, is expected to show unprecedented effort, taking on roles from travel preparation to local guiding for this Taiwan episode. The unique travel concept of exploring Taiwan by car is anticipated to offer a fresh charm to the audience. Jung Hyuk mentioned, “We prepared so that the viewers can also feel nature with us,” hinting at providing useful information for those planning to visit Taiwan.

The ‘food chemistry’ between Jung Hyuk and Eom Ji Yoon is also a hot topic. It’s reported that their journey has sparked new appetites and chemistry between them, raising further anticipation for their adventures.

Jung Hyuk emphasized, “This program is a must-watch for those who are unfamiliar with Taiwan, planning a trip to Taiwan, love food, curious about Taiwan’s attractions, or in need of a dining companion,” highlighting the watch points of the “Watch and Eat Brothers 2” Taiwan episode. As he said, this travelogue is expected to offer new perspectives to those who want to discover Taiwan’s hidden charms and explore various cuisines.

Please look forward to “Watch and Eat Brothers 2” Taiwan episode, broadcasting on the 22nd night, through SBS Plus and E Channel. The delightful journey of Kim Jun Hyun, Moon Se Yoon, Jung Hyuk, and Eom Ji Yoon is sure to bring you joy.

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