Election Day Shakes Up Korean TV

In an unexpected twist for fans, the 22nd National Assembly election coverage will preempt beloved shows such as ‘Shocking Ladies’ on April 10th. SBS confirmed that its usual lineup, including ‘Live Today’ at 6:50 PM and ‘Shocking Ladies’ at 9 PM, will be replaced by the election count broadcast titled ‘2024 The People’s Choice.’ Viewers accustomed to tuning in for their favorite episodes will need to mark their calendars for this significant programming change. This adjustment is not isolated to SBS, as other networks like TV Chosun and JTBC will also pause regular broadcasts of shows including ‘Dad and I,’ ‘Famous Singer and Street Judges,’ and ‘Groom Class.’ However, it’s not all reruns and election coverage; tvN’s ‘You Quiz on the Block’ and ENA‧SBS Plus’s ‘I Am Solo’ will air as scheduled, offering alternatives for those looking for their entertainment fix. The decision to prioritize election coverage over regular programming underscores the importance of the 22nd National Assembly elections in South Korea. It reflects a broader trend in which significant political events take precedence in broadcasting schedules, emphasizing the role of media in ensuring informed civic participation. As viewers adjust their plans and possibly discover new favorites among the shows still airing, the question remains: how will these changes impact fan favorites like ‘Shocking Ladies’? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure—Korean television is never dull, even on election day. Stay tuned for more updates and how these programming shifts might shape future viewing habits.

Source: https://www.kpopmap.com/election-day-shakes-up-korean-tv-schedule/

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