DKZ Embarks on an Electrifying Adventure

In an exhilarating leap into the unknown, the dynamic group DKZ (comprising members Sehyun, Mingyu, Jaechan, Jonghyeong, and Giseok) has just teased fans with a glimpse into their latest musical journey. On April 10th, their official YouTube channel was graced with the teaser for the music video of ‘Like a Movie’, the title track of their mini-album ‘REBOOT’. This sneak peek has already set the stage for an adventure that promises to captivate and intrigue. The teaser video reveals DKZ exploring a refreshingly green forest, walking in a line over railroad tracks, their faces brimming with curiosity and wonder. Their journey through this enchanted setting is suddenly augmented by the mysterious appearance of a book, leaving viewers eager for the story that awaits in the full release. ‘Like a Movie’ layers DKZ’s lively vocals over a rhythmic band sound, encapsulating the group’s desire to live freely and vibrantly, as if in a movie. The track is a vibrant call to embrace life’s adventures with open arms. Moreover, ‘REBOOT’ unfolds DKZ’s quest for happiness, marking a new chapter in their journey. This release, coming approximately 18 months after their previous work ‘CHASE EPISODE 3. BEUM’, signals DKZ’s comeback with an upgraded positive energy and stronger team synergy, ready to reignite the K-pop scene with fresh vigor. Slated for release on April 12th at 6 PM KST across various music platforms, ‘REBOOT’ is set to be a significant milestone for DKZ, showcasing their growth and evolution. This comeback not only highlights their musical range but also their unwavering spirit to venture into new territories, both thematically and sonically. As DKZ sets forth on this new quest, their story of chasing dreams and finding joy in the journey resonates. With ‘REBOOT’, they invite listeners to partake in their tale of renewal and discovery. The anticipation builds for what promises to be a compelling chapter in DKZ’s journey, leaving fans and new listeners alike eagerly awaiting the full experience. Keep an eye on this electrifying adventure, as DKZ is sure to deliver surprises and enchantment in their unique style.


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