Cube Entertainment’s Rookie Boy Group NOWADAYS

Cube Entertainment’s Rookie Boy Group NOWADAYS Gains Attention For Nostalgic Introduction

“It’s so nostalgic. In a sea of ‘all-rounders’ this is fun.”

On April 2, Cube Entertainment debuted their new boy group, NOWADAYS, with a self-titled album and the title track “OoWee”.

It’s the first boy group that the label has debuted in over seven years since PENTAGON debuted in late 2016, with the five members of NOWADAYS consisting of HyeonbinYoonYeonwooJinhyuk, and Siyun. The members range in age from 19 to 21, and in an era where fifth generation boy groups are frequently debuting from big and small companies alike, the group needs to stand out in the crowd.

NOWADAYS | Cube Entertainment

And recently, the way the members introduced themselves has caught netizens’ attention because of how uncommon and nostalgic it is!

It’s become a popular trend to not give K-Pop idols definitive positions in their group anymore, with the term “all-rounder” being thrown around in an arguably inaccurate way to describe a lot of idols with no set position. But when NOWADAYS made their member introductions, it reminded many fans of how idols used to introduce themselves as individuals in a group.

Leader Hyeonbin introduced himself as the head of the group, as well as a vocalist and strong mentally.


I’m the leader of NOWADAYS, in charge of having a mentality of steel and the vocals, Hyeonbin.

— Hyeonbin (NOWADAYS)

Yeonwoo, as a strong dancer than the only introvert of NOWADAYS, mentioned both in his introduction.


I’m in charge of the choreography and the only ‘I’ in the group, Yeonwoo.

— Yeonwoo (NOWADAYS)

The maknae of the group, Siyun, gave himself the title of “golden hand” and also compared himself to the clever and problem-solving genius character MacGyver.


I’m the MacGyver of NOWADAYS, the golden hand maknae rapper Siyun.

— Siyun (NOWADAYS)

Rapper of the group Jinhyuk mentioned being in charge of the “bamboo forest” of the group due to his empathetic and comforting personality.


I’m in charge of the bamboo forest, the stone rapper, Jinhyuk.

— Jinhyuk (NOWADAYS)

And finally, the mood maker and vocalist Yoon finished off the introductions.


I’m in charge of being the mood maker and vocals, Yoon. Please treat me well.


Fans can’t help but compare the introductions to that of groups such as SHINee back in the day!

People are reacting with amusement to the throwback style of introductions.








We would love to see more nostalgic, throwback-like moments such as this in modern-day K-Pop!

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa


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