“Crime City 4” Breakthrough in Box

“Crime City 4” Breakthrough in Box Office, Approaching 10 Million Viewers!

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The press conference for “Crime City 4” held at Megabox Coex in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, was a huge success. Leading actor and planner Ma DongSeok, along with Lee DongHwi, Kim MooYul, Park JiHwan, and other cast members, attracted attention. Ma DongSeok stated, “We strive to provide greater joy to the audience with each series.” This passion raises expectations whether the “Crime City” series can exceed 10 million viewers consecutively.

“Crime City 4” depicts the story of Ma SeokDo (played by Ma DongSeok) fighting against an online illegal gambling organization. Detective Ma SeokDo, a former special forces member, teams up with Baek ChangKi (played by Kim MooYul), IT genius CEO Jang DongCheol (played by Lee DongHwi), and Jang YiSoo (played by Park JiHwan) to eradicate the crime syndicate. The film is scheduled to be released on the 24th and has already been pre-sold in 164 countries, showcasing its leadership in the K-Action genre.

This season offers enhanced action and new attractions to save the theaters. Ma DongSeok presents more powerful and heavier boxing action than the previous seasons, and the confrontation with new villain characters is expected to show a different level of combat power. Additionally, director Heo MyeongHaeng focuses on the confrontation between Ma SeokDo and Baek ChangKi, aiming to deliver a meaningful message through this sequence.

As the release of “Crime City 4” is awaited overseas, the release schedule in countries such as Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, North America, United Kingdom, Cambodia, and Thailand has been confirmed, gathering expectations from movie fans worldwide.

“Crime City 4” not only pursues action and box office success but also reflects the efforts of Ma DongSeok and the production team to deliver the value of genuine justice and thrilling retribution, along with delight to the audience. Amidst the hot response from both domestic and international audiences, achieving a new record of ‘Triple 10 Million’ is anticipated, and it is noteworthy to see what new chapters the “Crime City” series will unfold.

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