BTS V, Surprises with Recent Updates

BTS V, Surprises with Recent Updates During Military Leave

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Continuing his military service, BTS’s V has shared some exciting news with fans during his leave. On the 12th, V (real name Kim Tae-hyung) updated his social media with his current situation. He greeted his fans with a post saying, “Loyalty. How is everyone doing? I am staying healthy, wearing nice black suits, and training hard!” In a follow-up post, he shared, “I took a short break to celebrate Napidi’s birthday and had a great time talking about the army with friends after a long time. I’ve gained weight up to 75kg from working out hard, and seeing the great shape of the soldiers in the unit made me think I need to work even harder. I will do my best. Goodbye,” showing his passionate attitude even during his military life.

The photos he shared show V spending his leisure time in casual clothes. Especially, his shorter hairstyle and visibly bulkier physique have drawn enthusiastic responses from fans. V enlisted in December last year, applying for the Capital Defense Command Special Mission Battalion (SDT) and passing the first document screening and the second interview and physical examination to serve as an active-duty soldier. He is currently diligently fulfilling his national defense duty at the Military Police Special Task Force directly under the Chuncheon Army 2nd Corps.

Fans who caught up with V’s recent updates were relieved to see him healthy and are supporting him to safely complete the rest of his military service. V’s positive attitude and passion during his military service have moved many and heightened fans’ anticipation for his return. There is a growing interest in how V will grow through his military life and what kind of image he will present to his fans after his discharge.


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