BTS V, actively serving in a

BTS V, actively serving in a counter-terrorism unit

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It is well-known among fans that V, a member of the globally acclaimed idol group BTS, is currently fulfilling his mandatory military service. However, recent photos have revealed a new aspect of his service, showing him as a member of a counter-terrorism unit, thereby significantly increasing fan interest.

After completing his basic military training at the Nonsan Army Training Center in December last year, V is now serving in the Special Duty Team (SDT) of the military police. This unit is highly trained to undertake counter-terrorism operations, where V is undergoing rigorous training including physical conditioning and rappelling, becoming a soldier with excellent physical and mental strength.

The released photos show V in black counter-terrorism gear, with his face covered by a black mask, focusing on shooting training. His serious expression and intense gaze give viewers a glimpse of his dedication to military service. Fans have commented that his appearance is like that of a drama protagonist, and have praised his impressive demeanor.

V’s decision to join a special forces unit is one of the few instances among idol group members. Previously, SHINee’s Minho and Block B’s P.O. had made headlines by volunteering for the Marine Corps, and V is continuing this tradition, providing fans with new topics of conversation.

The SDT, where V is serving, is a unit responsible for initial counter-terrorism measures, playing a vital role in responding to terrorist incidents and ensuring safety. V’s military service is regarded not just as fulfilling a duty but as contributing to national security.

V’s service demonstrates his ability to excel and face new challenges in any environment. His actions continue to inspire many, and there is great anticipation for what he will do after completing his service. Fans are eagerly waiting for him to safely complete his service and are excited about his future activities.


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