BLACKPINK Lisa’s Fans Furious With HYBE

BLACKPINK Lisa’s Fans Furious With HYBE For “Stealing” Fandom Name, More Criticism Ensues

This is not the only source of criticism for the name.

Fans of BLACKPINK‘s Lisa have found an issue with the fandom name of a newly debuted HYBE group.

BLACKPINK’s LIsa | Elle Japan

While K-Pop groups will be given an official fandom name, more often than not, fans of each member will assign themselves a name for just their favorite member. For example, NCT fans are known as NCTzens, but fans of Taeyong are known as TyongFs.

NCT’s Taeyong | SM Entertainment

The same goes for BLACKPINK, with Lisa’s fans going by Lillies/Lilies for many years. Lisa has also acknowledged this, calling fans this name on multiple occasions.

Many of Lisa’s fans have found the newly announced fandom name for ILLIT too similar to that of the BLACKPINK member.


On April 21, KST, the group hosted a live broadcast on Weverse where the five members revealed the fandom name letter by letter to spell out “LILLY.”

While fans liked the choice, netizens were not as into it, criticizing the name for several reasons, including it being the actual name of NMIXX‘s Lily.

NMIXX’s Lily

Lisa’s fans have joined this criticism, expressing their anger at HYBE for choosing a name similar to the existing ones.




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