BIGBANG TaeYang Reflects on Military Life

BIGBANG TaeYang Reflects on Military Life and Coffee

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In a heartfelt reveal on BIGBANG DaeSung’s YouTube series ‘Out of the House with DaeSung,’ BIGBANG TaeYang shared his unique military experience, sparking a wave of nostalgia and unexpected revelations among the stars. The episode, which aired on April 19, became a cozy corner for candid conversations, notably around the simple pleasures that brought comfort during their military service.

As the conversation unfolded, actor Joo Won reminisced about his time in the service, highlighting how small acts of kindness, like receiving drinks from a superior, made the grueling experience bearable. He confessed a craving for Americano coffee that seemed to resonate deeply with TaeYang. “I started drinking coffee in the military,” TaeYang admitted, surprising fellow guests DaeSung, Joo Won, and BeenZino. He elaborated on how the need to ward off sleepiness led him to discover coffee, which soon became his solace—a cup of Americano and dessert at the PX after lunch symbolized moments of happiness in an otherwise demanding routine.

‘Out of the House with DaeSung’ offers a glimpse into the life of DaeSung, known for his high-energy personality but also as a homebody who rarely ventures out. The show has quickly become a beloved platform for diverse guests to share their stories, airing every Friday at 6 PM on its official YouTube channel.

This candid exchange between TaeYang and his peers not only sheds light on the personal adjustments and small joys found in the challenging environment of military service but also adds a layer of relatability to these stars. Fans eagerly anticipate more heartfelt revelations and engaging discussions in future episodes, as ‘Out of the House with DaeSung’ continues to bridge the gap between celebrities and their audience through genuine, unscripted conversations.


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