Beloved figure in the broadcasting world,

Beloved figure in the broadcasting world, Jo SeHo, has announced his wedding set for October 20th

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The news was personally shared by Jo SeHo through the official SNS of the tvN entertainment program ‘You Quiz on the Block,’ surprising and delighting many fans and viewers.

In the video, Yoo JaeSuk relayed Jo SeHo’s wedding announcement, mentioning that Jo wanted to share this important news through ‘You Quiz on the Block.’ Jo SeHo expressed his desire to share the good news first on this platform and confirmed the wedding date to be on October 20th. He mentioned feeling nervous as it’s his first marriage and conveyed his gratitude to everyone’s congratulations.

Nam ChangHee, a close colleague of Jo SeHo, will officiate the wedding ceremony, and Yoo JaeSuk humorously added, “I’m going as a guest, but is it okay not to go if I’m busy?” causing laughter. Jo SeHo revealed in January that he had been dating a non-celebrity nine years his junior for about a year, with marriage in mind. The couple has decided to tie the knot on October 20th.

Born in August 1982, Jo SeHo debuted as a comedian in the 6th class of SBS comedians in 2001, known by the name ‘Cabbage,’ but has been active under his real name since 2011. He has received much love through his appearances in various comedy programs and entertainment shows such as ‘Laughter Charging Station,’ ‘Comedy Big League,’ and ‘Happy Together.’ Currently, he is appearing in various programs including ‘You Quiz on the Block’ and ‘Pinggyego.’

Jo SeHo’s wedding news serves as a moment of gratitude for the love and interest his fans have shown him over the years, with many sincerely celebrating his new beginning. There is much anticipation for Jo SeHo to continue shining both in his personal life and broadcasting activities.


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