BBGIRLS Establishes New Agency + Youjoung

BBGIRLS Establishes New Agency + Youjoung Leaves The Group

Updated April 22 KST:

BBGIRLS shared the following announcement on their official social media channels:

Hello. This is BBGIRLS.

BBGIRLS mutually agreed with Warner Music Korea to end our exclusive contracts with the expiration of the contract period. We would like to thank Warner Music Korea for their support in [BBGIRLS’] activities until now. BBGIRLS plans to start a new journey at BBGIRLS Company.

We would like to also inform you of sad news. After an in-depth discussion, it was decided that Youjoung will end her activities as a member of BBGIRLS. The members also decided to respect Youjoung’s opinion. We sincerely thank Youjoung for doing her best as a member of BBGIRLS for a long time, and we will continue to support her in the future.

BBGIRLS plans to continue activities as a three-member group with Minyoung, Eunji, and Yuna going forward. We would like to express our gratitude to BBee, who always sends us so much love, and we ask for your warm support and interest in BBGIRLS who is making a fresh start.

Thank you.

All the best to BBGIRLS and Youjoung on their new starts!

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Original Article:

BBGIRLS has parted ways with Warner Music Korea after one year.

On April 22, BBGIRLS’ agency Warner Music Korea released an official statement on their social media accounts announcing the expiration of their contracts with BBGIRLS.

Read the full statement below:

After parting ways with their former agency Brave Entertainment, BBGIRLS signed with Warner Music Korea as a full group in July 2023. In the following month, BBGIRLS released their double single album “ONE MORE TIME.”

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