BABYMONSTER’s Chiquita Responds To Criticism, Sparking

BABYMONSTER’s Chiquita Responds To Criticism, Sparking Outrage

She replied to a fan directly.

BABYMONSTER, the newest girl group from YG Entertainment, has commanded significant attention since their “debut” with the original 7-member lineup in early April. While their EP BABYMOS7ER is enjoying growth and success, the group’s member, Chiquita, faced some unwarranted criticism from her own fan.

Chiquita | Weverse

All seven members of the group frequently interact with their fans through the communication platform of Weverse. Recently, a member of BABYMONSTER’s Weverse fanbase uploaded a questionable post on the platform, criticizing Chiquita for being the least interactive with fans among all the members.

| Weverse

This post reached Chiquita, who responded to the fan directly, apologizing and reassuring that she will be there for her fans.

| Weverse

While taking the criticism head on and apologizing shows immense maturity on her part, fans are also rightfully outraged over such tactless posts being made on social media. Many urged their fellow fans to stop comparing the members with each other, citing the harmful effect it might have on the team as a whole and on the young idols individually as well.

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