BABYMONSTER Shock Netizens With Their Recent

BABYMONSTER Shock Netizens With Their Recent Live Performance — Rami Shows Professionalism In The Face Of Trouble

Even Chiquita was worried at first!

BABYMONSTER have once again become a hot topic for their live vocals, with one member shining despite an incident while singing.

The members of BABYMONSTER | YG Entertainment

Since their debut, BABYMONSTER has impressed with their live vocals, especially considering the discourse surrounding idols being able to sing live.

On April 16, BABYMONSTER appeared on MBC Radio.


Along with chatting about their debut, BABYMONSTER performed their latest track. As soon as the members started performing, they all gained praise for their vocals, whether they were singing or rapping.

When the clips were posted, netizens couldn’t stop praising the members’ strong and stable vocals.

Yet, what impressed fans even more was the stability of the vocals even when faced with an incident, particularly Rami.


During the performance, the members all had their headphones in to be able to hear the music. At one point, vocalist Rami was singing, and her headphones fell off.

While it could’ve startled even the most experienced singer, Rami continued to showcase her unreal vocals. In particular, Chiquita seemed stressed, but her expression softened upon seeing Rami continue to slay.

After the clip was shared, netizens praised the stability of Rami, and it seems like BABYMONSTER continues to back up the praise for their vocals.

BABYMONSTER have made a splash with their vocals, and netizens can’t stop praising the members.


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