BABYMONSTER, rewriting K-pop history with “SHEESH”

BABYMONSTER, rewriting K-pop history with “SHEESH”

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YG Entertainment’s new girl group, BABYMONSTER, has made a dazzling record in the global music market with their official debut song “SHEESH”. The music video for “SHEESH” surpassed 100 million views on YouTube in just ten days after its release, setting a new record for the fastest K-pop girl group debut song to reach this milestone, capturing worldwide attention.

This remarkable achievement marks the fastest time a K-pop artist has reached 100 million views since their debut after 2017, positioning BABYMONSTER as the next ‘YouTube Queens’ following BLACKPINK. Their music video has the fastest 100 million views among K-pop girl groups, excluding BLACKPINK.

BABYMONSTER’s success doesn’t stop at view counts. Their YouTube subscriber count has also rapidly increased, now owning a total of three music videos with over 100 million views, including two pre-debut songs released before their debut. This reflects the high interest and loyalty of global fans towards their music and performance.

Behind this astonishing record is the thorough preparation of YG Entertainment and the exceptional talent of the BABYMONSTER members. Particularly, gathering over 390,000 fans and surpassing a cumulative 1.4 billion views just nine days after the release of their debut album proves their widespread appeal and the rapid expansion of their global fandom.

BABYMONSTER plans to closely communicate with domestic fans through various activities, including appearances on music programs and fan signing events. Additionally, they plan to continue meeting global fans through a fan meeting tour covering five Asian regions, including Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and participating in Japan’s largest music festival, ‘Summer Sonic 2024’.

BABYMONSTER’s spectacular debut is not just about breaking records; it’s about opening a new chapter in K-pop. The anticipation for what new history they will write and their performance in the global music market is growing even more.


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