BABYMONSTER has captured the attention of

BABYMONSTER has captured the attention of K-pop fans with the addition of a new member, Ahyeon, officially debuting as a seven-member group

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This ‘official debut’ carries a significance beyond just the addition of a member, offering a glimpse into YG Entertainment’s strategic intentions.

On the 1st, BABYMONSTER announced their glamorous return with the release of their first mini-album ‘BABYMONSTER’. This marks their first activity in about four months since the release of the digital single ‘Better Up’ in November last year. However, YG Entertainment has named this activity as an ‘official debut’, defining all previous activities as a pre-debut phase, leading to various interpretations among the industry and fans.

Ahyeon’s joining plays a significant role in this decision-making background. With Ahyeon finally joining the team after a delay due to health reasons, BABYMONSTER has now formed a complete seven-member system. This signifies not just an increase in the number of members but also signals a new beginning for the team. Especially defining ‘Better Up’ and ‘Stuck in the Middle’ as pre-debut songs and redefining previous activities as a new starting point seems to reveal YG’s ambition to present a more perfected image with Ahyeon’s joining.

Moreover, this ‘official debut’ announcement suggests YG’s conscious choice regarding the debut performance of BABYMONSTER. Despite the promotion of ‘Better Up’, the less-than-expected performance and the anticipated effects of Ahyeon’s joining have influenced this decision. According to YG, their mini 1st album ‘BABYMONSTER’ has set a record for the highest sales among K-pop girl groups in its first week, with over 400,000 copies sold.

Thus, BABYMONSTER’s ‘official debut’ has led to various interpretations. But undoubtedly, the addition of Ahyeon has heightened expectations for the stronger seven-member group BABYMONSTER’s future activities. The strategies that YG and BABYMONSTER will adopt to captivate fans’ hearts are now highly anticipated.


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