ATEEZ Are Going Viral For Their

ATEEZ Are Going Viral For Their Sexy AF Cursing At “Coachella” Weekend 2

“Am I hearing this right???”

ATEEZ made waves this weekend at Coachella, not only with their passionate performances but also with their unexpected on-stage language, which has caught fans from around the world off guard.

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Known for their high-energy music and captivating stage presence, ATEEZ added an extra layer of excitement by incorporating bold and unapologetic cursing into their performance. The members’ edginess made headlines and thrilled fans everywhere — not only those in the crowd.

Mingi, one of the group’s rappers, kicked off his part with a daring shout: “Okay, Coachella, hit that shit!” This moment alone spurred thousands of likes and retweets, with fans praising his charisma and declaring the moment incredibly hot.

Jongho, usually more reserved, surprised the audience during a segment that mimicked a bar setting. He energized the crowd by saying, “Damn, I feel good! I need a drink — give me the best shit you got here!” This unexpected exclamation from Jongho was met with cheers and quickly became a social media sensation, garnering over five thousand likes and numerous shares.

San, another member popular for his sexiness, also made waves with his fervent cry: “Okay captain, hit this shit, let’s go!” right before a powerful beat drop and a dance break. The phrase, which he repeated during this week’s performance, had the crowd and online viewers screaming in support. Videos of this exclamation went viral, highlighting the intense and raw energy San brought to the stage.

The group’s strategic use of bold language not only amplified their stage presence but also helped them connect with the audience in a raw, unfiltered way. This approach at Coachella marks a noticeable shift from their usual performances, adding an edgy twist that resonated well with the festival crowd.

As ATEEZ continues to push boundaries and experiment with their performance style, their ability to keep fans on their toes and actively engage with the audience in such a visceral way proves they’re a force to be reckoned with.


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