ASTRO’s member Cha EunWoo expressed deep

ASTRO’s member Cha EunWoo expressed deep sorrow and longing on the first anniversary of the passing of MoonBin

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Cha EunWoo left a short yet powerful message on his SNS, stating, “I miss you and love you so much,” in memory of MoonBin. On the same day, at noon, ASTRO’s JinJin released the jacket photo of their duet song ‘Fly’, commemorating MoonBin. This song, to which JinJin contributed lyrics and composition, serves as a gift for fans mourning MoonBin’s departure and features his voice in a special track.

Cha EunWoo recently showed tears during a fan concert while singing ‘WHERE AM I’ and had to stop. The song, evoking memories of MoonBin, brought comfort to the fans from Cha EunWoo’s tears. Additionally, Cha EunWoo appeared on a music program hosted by Lee HyoRi, indirectly conveying his grief over MoonBin by stating, “Last year was personally not easy for me.”

The actions of ASTRO’s members display their deep affection and longing for MoonBin, emphasizing that his absence is still profoundly felt today. They continue to honor him alongside their fans, who are keen to see how ASTRO will remember MoonBin and carry on his legacy.


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