ARTMS’s ‘Flower Rhythm’: A New Beginning

ARTMS’s ‘Flower Rhythm’: A New Beginning of Sensibility

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The world of K-pop is an ever-changing and growing genre, captivating fans with new music and idol groups. At the forefront of this change, ARTMS has garnered global anticipation with the release of their second premiere single ‘Flower Rhythm’ from their first full album ‘Dall.’ Made available through online music platforms worldwide at 1 PM on April 11, 2024, this song delivers ARTMS’s unique sensibility and musical color, thrilling listeners.

‘Flower Rhythm’ was created based on the theme of ‘blossoming’ and member Heejin’s solo album title track ‘Algorithm.’ This hybrid dance number combines the concept of blossoming with the rhythm of ‘Algorithm,’ featuring the refreshing voices of ARTMS members and a fast-paced rhythm to complete a unique and charming piece of music. This musical endeavor heightens the anticipation for more works ARTMS will present in the future.

Previously, ARTMS announced their ‘real start’ with the first premiere single ‘Birth,’ featuring members Heejin, HaSeul, Kim Lip, JinSoul, and Choerry. ‘Birth,’ a song deeply meaningful to the group, was selected through their involvement in the project ‘Gravity.’ Following ‘Flower Rhythm,’ ARTMS plans to continue engaging with fans by releasing ‘Candy Crush’ and ‘Air.’ On May 31, they intend to launch their first full album ‘Dall’ and begin full-fledged activities with the title track ‘Virtual Angel.’

ARTMS’s music journey, fueled by their creative attempts and endless support from fans, is expected to solidify their unique position within the K-pop industry. Through the new sensibilities led by ‘Flower Rhythm,’ ARTMS is poised to leave a distinctive mark. Let’s look forward to the musical footsteps and creative journey of ARTMS, and the new colors and stories they will bring to us.


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