“Are They Dating?” Viral Post About

“Are They Dating?” Viral Post About NMIXX’s Sullyoon And Stray Kids’ Lee Know Raises Eyebrows

This isn’t the first time the idols raised suspicions.

NMIXX‘s Sullyoon is going viral for her past interaction with Stray KidsLee Know.

Sullyoon (left) and Lee Know (right) | MBC

On April 10, a post titled “Sullyoon Knows How To Dish It Out” went viral. In the post, a netizen uploaded stills from a past episode of Show! Music Core.

screenshot_20240410_211348_video player

Sullyoon: “You guys, I’m really disappointed.”

screenshot_20240410_211423_video player

Lee Know: “Oh~ You’re really disappointed?”

screenshot_20240410_211458_video player

Sullyoon: “Are you really going to be like this?”

screenshot_20240410_211515_video player

Lee Know: “Hey, I’m just playing.”

The netizen explains that when Lee Know went off script, Sullyoon playfully called him out.

Sullyoon immediately called out Stray Kids’ Lee Know for going off script and asked him, Are you really going to be like this? She’s usually all smiles when she is with her NMIXX members, so it was refreshing to see this side of her.

— Sullyoon

Netizens agreed and praised the idols for their adorable interaction. Some even wondered if the idols were dating!

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 3.51.57 PM

  • “I can’t believe ‘Are you really going to be like this’ was an ad-lib.”
  • “Sullyoon, be an MC for a long time.”
  • “These two are so good at MCing together, lol. They are cute.”
  • “Cute!”
  • “That is so cute, lol.”
  • “You have to watch the video clip.”
  • “I don’t think Sullyoon is the type to speak out because I heard she games a lot.”
  • “What? Are they dating?”

What are your thoughts?

Source: https://www.koreaboo.com/news/nmixx-sullyoon-stray-kids-lee-know-post-viral-dating/

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