An Actor Reversed His Extreme Plastic

An Actor Reversed His Extreme Plastic Surgery, Now He’s A Heartthrob

Plastic surgery is becoming more socially accepted, for better or for worse, but there is still the question of “how far is too far?” One handsome actor found out the hard way.

Lin Hao Yang | 出圈/YouTube

Actor Lin Hao Yang, used to go by a different name, Liao Jin Feng. He also used to have a different face.

Liao Jinfeng
Lin Hao Yang before | 林皓洋/Weibo

During the late 2010s, Lin Hao Yang’s post-surgery look was compared to an internet celebrity known as Snake Spirit Boy, who had unnaturally large eyes and a pointy chin. The negative attention pushed the actor to makeover his life.

Snake Spirit Boy (left) and Lin Hao Yang (right) | 8days

Since then, Lin Hao Yang has changed his name and his face, achieving a more natural look that his fans are falling in love with.

Lin Hao Yang after | 林皓洋/Weibo

Lin Hao Yang’s results are so flawless that it’s hard to believe his old face ever existed!

Lin Hao Yang after | 林皓洋/Weibo
Lin Hao Yang after | 林皓洋/Weibo
Lin Hao Yang after | 林皓洋/Weibo
Source: 出圈 and AsiaOne


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