Ali and Yu ChaeHoon from LA

Ali and Yu ChaeHoon from LA POEM are joining hands to present a collaboration concert titled “Are You Ready”

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This meeting has garnered great expectations from music fans and is scheduled to unfold for 120 minutes on June 22 at 5 PM at the Sungshin Women’s University Unjeong Green Campus auditorium. Notably, the tickets for this performance were sold out immediately after they became available, showcasing their popularity and the high anticipation for the event.

This concert promises deep emotions and abundant fun to the audience with a variety of specially prepared selections for this stage, in addition to the representative songs of Ali and Yu ChaeHoon. Ali has been loved by the public through powerful vocal performances and emotional depth with hit songs like “365 Days” and “Eraser”, and has proven her stage charisma through her roles in musicals such as “Frida” and “Rebecca”. Recently, she has signed an exclusive contract with Music One Company, continuing her active presence in various fields.

On the other hand, Yu ChaeHoon, a member of LA POEM who won the final victory on “Phantom Singer 3”, has been actively performing as a solo singer since the release of his mini 1st album “Podium” in 2022. This collaboration concert is an excellent opportunity to experience the diverse musical colors and stage manners of the two artists in one place.

The “Are You Ready” concert by Ali and Yu ChaeHoon is set to offer a special experience beyond a simple performance to all those who love music. The harmonious harmony and emotions they will create on stage are highly anticipated. Fans are looking forward to seeing new aspects and musical changes of the two artists through this concert, showing great interest in their future activities.


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