Actress Terrified After Receiving Life-Threatening DMs

Actress Terrified After Receiving Life-Threatening DMs From Her Popular Idol Boyfriend’s Fan

Seo took to Instagram to share the alarming messages she received from the fan.

Actress Seo Yoon Ah, known for her recent appearance in Channel A‘s Men’s Life These Days: Groom’s Class — revealed severe threats made against her by a fan of her co-star, K-Pop idol SHINHWA‘s Kim Dongwan. The threats surfaced shortly after the duo began to develop a romantic plotline on the show.

seo yoon ah
Seo Yoon Ah in “Groom’s Class.” | Channel A

On April 12, Seo took to Instagram to share the alarming messages she received from the fan. These messages contained threats of violence and disturbing remarks, such as desires to harm her and ruin her physical appearance so that she would no longer be attractive to the SHINHWA star.

Disappear from the earth. I want to throw you off here so you go to the deepest hell and suffer divine punishment. I want to find your house address and stab you to death, it really grinds my gears. Why are you even alive? Pour acid or gasoline on that pretty face of yours, so Dongwan will never find you beautiful or love you. Don’t act up. Know that the world is a scary place.

— The fan’s threats

SHINHWA’s Dongwan in “Groom’s Class.” | Channel A

The fan expressed an irrational anger towards her, wishing severe harm and proclaiming to have cursed her with death within the next few years. The content of the messages was chilling, with the harasser stating that Seo should “suffer divine punishment in hell” and suggesting that she deserved to be “killed quietly.” They also bizarrely claimed to possess spiritual powers and used this assertion to intimidate her further.

I am a person with mystical powers, and I have been praying recently for you to be cursed with death. You will die within a few years, mark my words! Believe it or not, I am telling the truth, and this is not a lie but the punishment you deserve. And may you receive divine punishment in hell.

— DM received from Seo

shinhwa fan threats
| wikitree

In response to these terrifying messages, Seo questioned the motives of the fan, expressing her wish for the harassment to cease.

Why are you doing this to me? I wish you wouldn’t treat me this way.

— Seo to the fan

dongwan seo yoon ah date
Kim and Seo on a date. | Channel A

Seo Yoon Ah, born in 1986, made her acting debut on KBS2‘s Dense Hat in 2001 and has since been a prominent figure in the South Korean entertainment industry. Her pairing with Kim Dongwan — a member of the legendary K-Pop group SHINHWA — on Groom’s Class has been well-received until this unsettling incident brought a shadow over their romance.

seo yoon ah kim dongwan
Kim and Seo on another date. | Channel A

The authorities have yet to respond to this issue, but the incident has sparked discussions among netizens regarding the extent to which fans can sometimes go for their favorite idols.


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