Actress Kim Ji Won Goes Viral

Actress Kim Ji Won Goes Viral For Unexpectedly Amazing Singing Skills

Actress Kim Ji Won has been off the charts lately. She gained a huge spike in recognition after playing Hong Hae In in Queen of Tears.

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It turns out, she’s not just a great actress, but also a great singer. In 2011, she starred in the K-Drama What’s Up as a musical major, Tae Yi. Of course, she had to sing for the role! An old clip of her belting out Park Bom’s “YOU AND I” has now gone viral. With over 400,000 views on X (formerly Twitter), everyone is full of praise for her unexpected singing skills.

She has showcased her vocal sings from time to time whenever her drama calls for it. She also sang “Love’s Battery” in Fight For My Way.

Netizens are amazed at her singing skills.

Netizen comments. | theqoo
  • F*ck, but she’s insane to have those singing skills along with acting skills, and also great visuals. I heard her personality is also great.
  • Her voice is clean, and her pronunciation is clear.
  • I hope someone will upload that GIF of her showing off her charms at the press conference for Queen of Tears. She’s totally charming.
  • Her voice is good.
  • WOW, look at how her projection is so open.
  • What’s Up was really fun.
  • How refreshing. Her projection is so loud and she’s good.
  • She’s not good at singing, but it’s listenable and she sings prettily.
  • Gasp, she’s really good… She’s like a singer.

Fans are clamoring for her to show off more of her singing skills.

With Kim Soo Hyun singing the OST for Queen of Tears, fans definitely want to hear her feature on something special for the drama too.


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