Actress Karina? — The aespa Leader

Actress Karina? — The aespa Leader Reveals Her Ambition Of Debuting On Screen

She even has the genres picked out.

Aespa member Karina recently opened up about her willingness to venture into acting.

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Karina | @katarinabluu/Instagram

Karina is widely appreciated as an idol thanks to her powerful stage presence, vocal skills, and dedicated fan service.

Another aspect of the idol that has contributed to her popularity is her stunning visuals. Right from her debut, Karina has always been talked about for her “AI-like” beauty, often considered at par with the high visual standards of Korean actresses.

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As it turns out, Karina too, has given it some thought. On April 18, the idol appeared on MBC FM4U’s Lee Seok Hoon’s Brunch Café as a special DJ, filling in for Lee Seok Hoon who was on vacation. During the episode, Karina talked about her intentions to try out acting!

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Karina on “Lee Seok Hoon’s Brunch Café”

The idol confessed that she would love to give it a shot if the right opportunity arrived. She even has her eyes set on a few particular genres she would prefer, including comedy, action, and romance.

I want to try something mixed with comedy. I have attended action school a lot, so I think action would be fun, too. I want to try romantic comedy, fantasy, and action.

— Karina

Given that her preferences cover all kinds of stories that are fan favorites among K-Drama enthusiasts, we can’t wait to see actress Karina’s debut soon!


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