A special donation made in the

A special donation made in the name of Han Seokgyu is injecting vitality into the independent film community

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News has emerged that an anonymous fan of Han Seokgyu, an actor belonging to Clover Company, has stepped forward to support independent films. This fan decided to support independent films by attaching a nameplate of “Actor Han Seokgyu” to seat G9 at IndieSpace through the IndieSpace Sharing Seat sponsorship program. The highlight of this donation is the special screening of “Connected,” a 1997 film starring Han Seokgyu and Jeon DoYeon, at IndieSpace at 1 PM on the 28th.

“Connected” is a work that tells the story of a man and a woman healing the wounds of love through PC communication, and it is evaluated that the acting synergy between Han Seokgyu and Jeon DoYeon wrote a new history in the melodrama film industry at that time. This voluntary donation and special screening by Han Seokgyu’s fan are expected to have a positive impact not only on independent films but also on the entire domestic film industry.

IndieSpace, which opened its doors in 2007, is the country’s first private independent film-exclusive venue, showcasing a variety of Korean independent films through new releases, special exhibitions, and screenings. The Sharing Seat sponsorship program, which engraves the sponsor’s name on a theater seat for donations of more than 2 million won, reflects the affection and interest of audiences, directors, actors, and film organizations that have continued since the reopening of IndieSpace.

This independent film sponsorship case by Han Seokgyu’s fan is expected to be recorded as an example that goes beyond simple sponsorship, showing deep affection and support for the domestic film industry. It is hoped that the efforts and participation of individuals will promote the sustainable development of Korean independent films and deliver the value and importance of independent films to more audiences. The actions of Han Seokgyu’s fan are expected to inspire many and lead to new interest and support for independent films.

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