A new wave hits the domestic

A new wave hits the domestic audition scene as Seo Hye Jin PD of Crea Studio unveils a global girl group audition, ‘UNDER15’, targeting talented children aged 3 to 15

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This unique project, a brainchild of Seo Hye Jin PD, known for igniting the trot audition craze in Korea, aims to open doors to youths from over 70 countries worldwide, with plans to debut the youngest global fifth-generation prodigy vocal girl group.

‘UNDER15’ participants will undergo a process of honing their skills through the K-Training System, with the selected winner receiving opportunities such as music study abroad support, album release, appearances in various spin-off shows, and tour concerts. Crea Studio anticipates that this audition will spark a fresh boom akin to the teenage global stars that have defined each era.

Seo Hye Jin PD, having previously discovered talents like Song GaIn and Lim YoungWoong through ‘Miss Trot’ and ‘Mr. Trot’, has set high expectations for this new project. The selection criteria for ‘UNDER15’ are said to be even younger than the debut age of the globally popular NewJeans, suggesting a new paradigm shift in the music industry.

This audition aims not only to discover new talents but also to provide participants with practical music education and stage experience, laying the foundation for their growth into genuine global stars. Crea Studio’s project represents a new challenge and is expected to inject new energy into the Korean music industry.

For more detailed information on ‘UNDER15’, you can visit Crea Studio’s official website and social media. We ask for your interest and support for the new stars and their musical journey that will emerge through this audition.

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