A new horizon in travel entertainment,

A new horizon in travel entertainment, ‘Might Go Again’ wins the grand prize

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On April 19, 2024, on a glamorous stage in Yeouido, Seoul, Channel S’s popular variety program ‘Might Go Again’ clinched the PP Culture and Arts category award at the ‘2024 Cable TV Broadcast Awards’. The ceremony, hosted by the Korea Cable TV Association (KCTA), is a venue for selecting and awarding the most creative and outstanding broadcasting programs in the paid broadcasting industry. By winning this prestigious award, ‘Might Go Again’ has officially been recognized for its innovative planning and solid quality.

‘Might Go Again’ began broadcasting in March 2022, proposing a new form of travel to viewers tired from COVID-19 with the unique catchphrase, “A world tour while lying down”. Welcoming the post-COVID era, it has established itself as a reliable travel guide for viewers, providing realistic and vivid travel information and sights through collaboration with ordinary travel creators. Furthermore, by introducing a new concept of proxy travel battles, it has added entertainment value, maintaining its position as a long-running hit for over two years.

Notably, ‘Might Go Again’ is also broadcast worldwide through the global OTT platform, Netflix, showcasing its popularity globally. This proves that ‘Might Go Again’ has transcended being a mere domestic variety program to become a global travel entertainment show.

At the award ceremony, PD Lee JunKyu expressed, “Starting amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, ‘Might Go Again’ has now surpassed 100 episodes. All of this is thanks to the unwavering love from our viewers,” conveying his deep gratitude. With this support, ‘Might Go Again’ is expected to continue providing new perspectives and fun to its viewers.

‘Might Go Again’ airs every Thursday at 9:20 PM on Channel S, and it is expected to bring even greater enjoyment to viewers through various changes and developments. With this grand prize as a stepping stone, there is growing anticipation for the new journeys ‘Might Go Again’ will embark on, promising a bright future for travel entertainment.

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