A hot topic is circulating around

A hot topic is circulating around the ‘Channel Fifteen Nights’ YouTube channel after a video was released showcasing the main cast of ‘Wise Doctor Life’ and Na YoungSeok and Shin WonHo PD having a dining gathering that led to an unexpected burst of laughter

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During the gathering, Cho JungSeok, Jeon MiDo, Jung KyungHo, Kim DaeMyung, and Yoo YeonSeok enjoyed a comfortable and friendly meal together, boiling spicy mixed noodles and grilling meat. Particularly, an amusing incident occurred when Cho JungSeok was grilling meat, leading to the first-ever activation of the fire alarm in the building due to the smoke produced. This incident brought a lot of laughter among those present, and Cho JungSeok amused everyone further by rushing to the balcony to handle the meat.

Even after the fire alarm went off, the atmosphere remained warm and joyful, with the members enjoying their meal and strengthening their friendship. Jung KyungHo, slightly influenced by alcohol, expressed his happiness by saying, “Isn’t it just so great? How lovely,” and showed his anticipation for the production of ‘Wise Doctor Life’ Season 3.

Shin WonHo PD hinted at the production of Season 3 by saying, “We’ll do it. Someday we’ll do it,” bringing great joy to everyone present. Especially, Cho JungSeok raised expectations by stating, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we do Season 3 and all age gracefully?”

Na YoungSeok PD, observing the entire situation, smiled and said, “Then I should prepare too.” Thus, the actors and production team of ‘Wise Doctor Life’ demonstrated their unchanging friendship even after the shooting and brought warm laughter and anticipation to the viewers.

This gathering and the fire alarm incident were more than just simple events; they reaffirmed the deep love for the ‘Wise Doctor Life’ series and heightened the anticipation for Season 3. Fans are now more eager than ever for the production news of the next season.

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