A Fresh Start in Spring: &TEAM's

A Fresh Start in Spring: &TEAM's Vibrant Transformation

Hive Global’s rookie group, &TEAM, has emerged as the herald of spring. On the 18th, the group captured fans’ hearts by unveiling the concept photos for their first single ‘Samidare’ through their official SNS. A total of 43 photos were released, including group, unit, and individual shots, showcasing the group’s diverse charm to the fullest. In the released photos, the nine members are seen moving forward, either in front of a backdrop of cherry blossoms under a clear sky or inside a train, capturing the freshness of spring and the youthful charm of the boys in an emotional way. The members, each with their unique charm, created a beautiful atmosphere reminiscent of a watercolor painting with their wistful eyes. In the unit photos, the members are seen looking in different directions at the same location, seemingly representing the conflict and harmony among the boys. The individual photos stimulated fans’ curiosity with each member gazing out of a train window. &TEAM’s concept photo visually expresses the brilliant spring and the hidden conflicts within the boys, sparking curiosity about the message they convey. The forthcoming new song ‘Samidare’, set to be released on May 8th, marks the beginning of a new series set against the backdrop of spring, summer, autumn, and winter. ‘Samidare’ means ‘early summer rain around May’, and it will be the first story themed around ‘spring’ in the seasonal tale. There is growing anticipation for the new stories &TEAM’s latest single will unfold and the emotional impact of their spring message on fans. Keeping an eye on their journey, let’s look forward to more updates from them.

Source: https://www.kpopmap.com/a-fresh-start-in-spring-teams-vibrant-transformation/

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