A.C.E Reunites with Fans: A Heartwarming

A.C.E Reunites with Fans: A Heartwarming Full-Group Fan Meeting

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In an eagerly anticipated event, the fully reunited K-pop group A.C.E held their 2024 dedicated fan meeting, “HOME SWEET A.C.E,” in Seoul’s Gangnam district at the Baekam Art Hall, marking their first complete group performance in about three years since their military service. The two sessions of this fan meeting, held on April 20th with starting times at 3 PM and 7:30 PM, showcased the seamless synergy of the group’s five members – Park JunHee, Lee DongHun, A.C.E Wow, Kim ByeongKwan, and Kang YuChan. This event not only highlighted their recent mini 6th album, “My Girl: ‘My Choice’,” activities but also celebrated Lee DongHun’s notable participation in Mnet’s “Build Up,” illustrating the group’s dynamic interaction with their global fanbase.

Opening with their latest hits “Facetime” and “My Girl,” A.C.E delivered a powerhouse performance filled with their well-loved tracks such as “Changer,” “Favorite Boys (도깨비),” “Effortless,” “Savage (삐딱선),” and “Angel.” The fan meeting also featured intimate interactions, including a segment where the group read messages written by fans on Post-its, and playful games like “Liar A.C.E” and “Dance Countdown,” further warming the hearts of everyone present. Unique VCR content like “Hello, This is A.C.E” and “A.C.E’s Picture Diary” showcased the group’s creative efforts to express their love for their fans.

Wrapping up the event, A.C.E expressed their heartfelt gratitude, stating, “This is the happiest moment of the year. Seeing our fans happy fills us with energy. We promise to be with Choice (A.C.E’s fans) forever, bringing more great music and activities.” This statement not only reflected the group’s appreciation for their fans but also their commitment to continuing their journey together.

After successfully reuniting as a complete group earlier this year, A.C.E has been engaging with their global fans through various activities, including their powerful “Pilot” stage on KBS 2TV’s “Immortal Songs.” Following their domestic fan meeting, the group is set to continue their global outreach with the “Our Spring” tour in three Japanese cities later this month and a 14-city “REWIND US” tour in the Americas in June.

As A.C.E embarks on this new chapter, their unwavering bond with their fans and their dedication to showcasing diverse and dynamic performances promise an exciting future for the group and their supporters worldwide. Stay tuned for more updates on A.C.E’s journey, as they continue to make waves in the music industry and beyond.

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