7 Times BABYMONSTER Had The Most

7 Times BABYMONSTER Had The Most Outrageous Replies To Fan Messages

Ruka’s MBTI is “sexy,” if you didn’t know yet.

BABYMONSTER is full of comedians in the making! They showed this in their replies to fan messages on Weverse, being effortlessly funny each time.

Check out examples of this below!

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1. Pharita

First up, Thai member Pharita made fans laugh with this sarcastic reply on Weverse.

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Pharita | SBS’ Inkigayo

2. Ahyeon

Ahyeon celebrated her 17th birthday on April 11. When a fan greeted her, she ended up getting distracted by their meme profile picture of fellow member Chiquita.


3. Ruka

Instead of outright saying her MBTI personality type, Ruka simply said confidently that she’s “sexy.”



4. Pharita and Ruka

Pharita suggested that Ruka’s MBTI isn’t “sexy” but actually “baby,” to which the latter replied that she’s a fool.


| Weverse

5. Rami vs. Rora

Rami and Rora showed fans in one glance the differences in their personalities.

Rami | Weverse

6. Chiquita

Chiquita made fans laugh when she turned down a netizen asking her for money by saying she needs it, too.


7. Chiquita

Finally, one of her most popular Weverse comments was a reply to a fan asking for her hand in marriage.


Read more about it below.

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